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Giardini-Jardins : One Fiscal Garden Discipline

Bespoke Family Office  | A Manicured Garden Discipline?

Bespoke Family Office  | A manicured garden discipline?

Our Reserve Stock Mantra

Possessed of a Collector’s philosophy, our capital group practice is on constant lookout for undervalued investment gems in the rough. Investment gems we expect to grow at 15-25% per annum over time. On this count, our leanings are towards stocks, over other asset classes.

While embracing the long term outperformance of stocks, we are fully appreciative of the effect of liquidity cycles on different asset classes. Accordingly, we are not averse to rotational asset trading; while holding a core investment portfolio of income earning reserve stocks purchased at margin-of-safety price discounts against fundamental value.

Trading, Not Speculation

While we would assume Price Risks on already valued Fundamental Risks; we are averse to pure Price (directional) Risk bets, for which Fundamental Risks are incapable of valuation. However, we are open to pure price directional bets based on risk-sharing platforms; e.g. Dual Currency Structured Investments.

Preservation and growth of Global, Not local purchasing power.


Macro/Liquidity Cycle Investing guided by economic readings, central bank indicators & asset fundamentals

*Hayek’s Investment Clock Model (Abridged Version)* | Macro and Liquidity Cycle Investing, guided by economic readings, central bank indicators and asset fundamentals.

Macro and Liquidity Cycle Investing

Our World Bank consultant supervised project, as well as, seasoned/proven committee experiences with Hayek’s Investment Clock Model have informed The Management that the Model is a sound strategic predictor of major cash move sequences across asset classes.

As Assets Under Management (“AUM”) grow to a size deemed relatively economic for trading in expanded asset classes, investment coverage by asset class will widen. Until then, the Practice is contented with rotating among Structured FICC Products (i.e. proxy derivatives of fixed income or bonds, currencies and commodities or tangibles), Money and Stocks.

Risk Gaming The Asian Coverage Specialist’s Playbook

A. OPERATIONAL EARNINGS    Hong Kong | Malaysia | Singapore | Australia

  • Macro Driven Acquisition of a select multi-country key Index component stocks portfolio.
  • Tactical Trading of high volatility stocks which meet our fundamentals criteria.
  • Leveraged Trading of high volatility stocks which meet our fundamentals criteria.
  • Direct/Structured Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities for interim cash parking.

B. CAPITAL GROWTH    Asia, followed by Asia Pacific

  • Organic Performance Growth, with a targeted doubling of capital in 5 years or earlier.
  • Synthetic Share Capital Issuance, whether by exempt private placement(s) and/or distribution pursuant to a fund management licence; following a meeting of 109% net return on capital.
  • Measured Leverage, capped by stock trading conditions.

C. RISK MANAGEMENT    Growth, on measured risk basis

  • Time Buckets. As market conditions determine, stocks are allocated between Trading (holdings ≤ 12 months) and Investment (holdings > 12 months) books.
  • Intra-Regional Diversification. Trading/Investment books are further allocated across Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.
  • Focused/Diversified Balance. Sector/Stock Focus, but diversification across time buckets and countries.

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