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Begin Your Own Legacy

Investment Partnerships THE GAHN CAPITAL GROUP PRACTICE Seeding shared dreams, all under One platform. Giardini-Jardins : One Fiscal Garden Discipline Our Reserve Stock Mantra Possessed of a Collector’s philosophy, our capital group practice is on constant lookout for undervalued investment gems in the rough. Investment gems we expect to grow at 15-25% per annum over time. On this count, our leanings are towards stocks, over other asset classes. While embracing the long term outperformance of stocks, we are fully appreciative of the effect of liquidity cycles on different asset classes. Accordingly, we are not averse to rotational asset trading; while holding a core investment portfolio…

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Live Free! – Food Conversations I

A 3-course “diet” for Capital. The complete plan requires allocation to All 3 courses. Proportions vary according to individual risk appetite and objective. [1] Starter/Security plan for Capital  Key objective is to preserve capital against value corrosion by inflation. [2] Main/Comfort plan for Capital Key objective is to achieve a capital return which provides Minimum comfort. [3] Dessert/Wealth plan for Capital Key objective is to stretch for a capital return which maximises wealth. Higher (,but Managed) risk-taking is inevitable.

Live Free! Food Conversations II

A 3-course “diet” for Income. The end object of your Income plan should be 100% use of talent, energy and time in your Purpose. Your arrival at this station of life may be hastened by allocating talent, energy and time from Start of adult life to all 3 plans. Your risk discipline/education will determine how fast you get to the Ultimate station of living out your Purpose full-time. [1] Starter/Employment plan for Income  Key objective is to accumulate (excessive) cash and experience so you can be an independent agent of your Purpose; through use of enterprise(s) and/or investment(s). [2] Main/Business…

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How Does Your Garden Grow…?

giardini-jardins : Tell us, my friend. If your mind were a garden; is it one overtaken by weeds of fear, or is it one where you can savour the sweet smelling fragrance emitted by blooms of possibility? You may be scratching your head where you are right now… what do gardens have to do with financial freedom or Smart Investing? Plenty. Your “garden of life” or state of financial freedom starts from the mind. Where fear dwells, walls rise up to resist financial freedom opportunities. Where possibility dominates, opportunities are explored. Not cast aside. Fear is useful when acknowledged, then…

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Magic Ball 72 & The Portfolio Cores

magic ball 72 : Magic dies with the death of wonderment. Years of suppression by the subconscious of our natural appetite for wonder can encrust our eyes with a scaly sheath which blinds us from beholding with awe and wonder, the magic which surrounds us.We thought it best to herald the 2014 year by reintroducing magic into investment portfolio crafting.A mental math shorthand has lingered on earth which you can use for calculating years required for doubling-your-money at a given annual return, or annual return required for doubling-your-money over a given number of years. The rule-of-72 is condensed from geometric…

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