Financial freedom for every woman, man and child

We believe high quality money management and financial freedom should be accessible by many. Our livefreeEcosystem (i.e. the livefreeInvestor, livefreeGoblet & livefreePartnerships) is a response to reports of misleading sale of wealth management solutions in investment markets. Markets reported as fixated with assets-under-management (AUM) growth and annual management fee. Not you. Markets which make vague, simple investment concepts such as; ‘Buy Low, Sell High’, Margin-Of-Safety (between buy price and fundamental value) and timing of asset market cycles. In markets fascinated with jargon, we like to keep things simple. To quote Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”.


The Untold Story Of General Public Wealth

Real wealth lies with that 3-pounder sitting between your ears. Your brain. Make no mistake. You are the source of wealth of financial institutions. That wealth has its beginnings in the social compact which financial institutions make with you. A social compact called Trust when you place a deposit, invest or raise funds with them. Regrettably, that Trust was broken by a few irresponsible institutions in the lead-up to Global Financial Crisis 2008 (GFC). How do we respond to a break of Trust? Disengage from deposit, investment or finance activity? Cry to the people of Wall (or High) Street or Big Brother? Friends, we have a better plan. Be informed. Be a learned user of investment and finance services. Our fellow journey person. Join our Community. Register with us, and/or follow us on our social media networks. Welcome!

William Gan, CPA, CA
Curator, GahnLiveFree Digital Platforms