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Our livefreeInvestor solutions team embraces its Mission of studying, analysing, stimulating appreciation for and advancing; knowledge of intelligent investing method and financial freedom thinking which collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement at the highest level of quality, all in the service of the public and in accordance with the highest professional standards.

Supplemented by the livefreeGoblet (Gahn Reserve Stock Guide); the team has developed livefreeInvestor as a Speed Learning System which builds intermediate and beginner level investors for joint investment in livefreePartnerships with us, and/or informed use of public investment services.

Program Objectives

  • Multi-asset class learning to facilitate asset rotational play according to liquidity cycles.
  • Complete modular learning “take home”s for each asset class at the close of each half day session.
  • Cultivated capacity to decide on which parts of investing decisions to retain and which parts to outsource to third parties.
  • Stable foundation of theory, case study and live practice mentoring for risk managed fund administration by lay investors.
  • Catalyst for risk managed lay investor club growth through common learning platform and program attendee interaction.

- Program Delivery on 100% Face2Face basis

Delivered in 2 parts (i.e. PART 1 Course & Simulation Training and PART 2 Applied Training), the PART 1 half day Modules 1 to 5 sessions are self-contained to enable selective module participation according to time schedules. Attendees are however, encouraged to proceed through Modules 1 to 5 without interruption to take advantage of market dips and/or to avoid the need for refresher training.

Module delivery within the Half Day shall be as follows:

Indicative Time Allocations
THEORY 1 65 minutes
WORKSHOP 1 45 minutes
THEORY 2 65 minutes
WORKSHOP 2 45 minutes

- 50% eLearning : 50% Face2Face delivery pending consideration

Consistent with our social vision of financial freedom for every woman, man and child through leadership of a people’s movement for Smart Investing; we are giving due consideration to putting in place, digital platforms for part online delivery of our livefreeInvestor program.

3.1 Course & Simulation Training Outline
3.1.1 Close Water – Modules 1, 2 & 3

Attendees learn the building block instruments for investing; namely, listed shares, listed investment trusts (“I-Trusts”) for real estate and shipping), and structured products (which include bonds and structured deposits).
They study how to develop two essential risk management postures for consistent positive term return investing:
- Fundamentals Screening; and
- Margin-Of-Safety Buy Price Determination.

3.1.2 Open Water – Modules 4 & 5

Attendees are taught about liquidity cycle investing, rotational sector/asset class play and the costs/benefits of fund diversification and concentration. Module 5 rounds up the learning process by preparing attendees for incubator fund setup.

Module 5 preparation would assist attendees in appreciating the need to dynamically earmark funds between trading and investing book; and also set and/or reset financial asset exposure limits.

3.2 Applied Training Outline
Incubator Fund

Upon request, your Investment Mentor can continue mentoring as a Non-Voting Member of your club investment committee. To ensure committee independence, scope of function shall be limited to commentaries, consultations and/or guidance on club investment recommendations, portfolio construction and portfolio management and/or other matters relating.

livefreeInvestor (3Pt4)

4. INDICATIVE PROGRAM PRICING (excluding GST and (where applicable,) travel allowance)
4.1 Half Day Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

Subject to 6-20 participants per class Price per Module*
SINGLES participation MYR1,000/= per pax
COUPLES participation MYR1,500/= per couple
(or effective RM750/= per pax)

*Valid @ 15 April 2014 until further notice.

4.2 Incubator Fund Committee Mentoring

Until further notice, higher of:
- MYR1,250 per one hour block appearance; and
- 0.25% of last audited/unaudited club fund Net Asset Value (“NAV”) for every appearance.

5.1 Half Day Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

- MYR300/= Non-Refundable Sign-Up Deposit per Module per pax payable in 30 calendar days prior to Module Course Date; and
- Balance of Module(s) Price payable in 15 calendar days prior to Module Course Date.

5.2 Incubator Fund Committee Mentoring
Payable in 7 calendar days prior to Appearance Date.
In the event of unforeseen no-show or deferral of investment committee date(s), the Paid Amount(s) shall apply as credit for future appearance(s).


When you are ready to start on your livefreeInvestor adventure with a minimum group of 6 participants, arrange for your Half Day Module and/or Incubator Fund Committee Mentoring event(s) by calling or texting +6012 390 1395 and/or emailing
livefreeInvestor (Pt6)