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giardini-jardins : Tell us, my friend. If your mind were a garden; is it one overtaken by weeds of fear, or is it one where you can savour the sweet smelling fragrance emitted by blooms of possibility?

You may be scratching your head where you are right now… what do gardens have to do with financial freedom or Smart Investing?

Plenty. Your “garden of life” or state of financial freedom starts from the mind. Where fear dwells, walls rise up to resist financial freedom opportunities. Where possibility dominates, opportunities are explored. Not cast aside.

Fear is useful when acknowledged, then mastered. It can paralyse us into inaction when it is a result of hyperactive imagination. Inaction, as we know, may beget opportunity loss. In sum, fear is a product of an imagination about the future. A future which may, or may Not happen.

Fear is the reason behind unwise investing as follows:

(1) grossly mistimed investment entry or exit;
(2) lost investment opportunity;
(3) investment abstinence from stocks;
(4) investment ignorance about alternative assets;
(5) 100% cash hoarding over investment, etc.

As friend or foe, fear will always appear. Self-knowledge and mentoring are keys to mastering fear. live.freeMentoring was started with a view towards building community confidence in Smart Investing. Courage to follow through investment strategies while under market-fire is essential to ultimate financial freedom.

If you are new to us and our Page, we urge you to run a self-examination on your psychological bias for Security, Comfort and Wealth. A single objective of Wealth and wealth alone is inadequate. Go for multiple objectives instead.

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