Food Conversations 2

A 3-course “diet” for Income. The end object of your Income plan should be 100% use of talent, energy and time in your Purpose. Your arrival at this station of life may be hastened by allocating talent, energy and time from Start of adult life to all 3 plans. Your risk discipline/education will determine how fast you get to the Ultimate station of living out your Purpose full-time.

[1] Starter/Employment plan for Income


 Key objective is to accumulate (excessive) cash and experience so you can be an independent agent of your Purpose; through use of enterprise(s) and/or investment(s).

[2] Main/Business plan for Income


Key objective is to build systems for (an) enterprise(s) which is/are both scalable and sale-able so you can live-free according to your Purpose.

[3] Dessert/Investment plan for Income


Key objective is capital allocation for minimum income and/or maximum wealth so that you can live off capital and ultimately, be a full-timer in your Purpose.