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A philosophy premised on the Human Value Of Money

The Gifts Of Life

All of us bear gifts on our persons at birth. They are namely; talent, energy and time.

The Deal Of Life

We shall in our respective lifetimes, have all participated in the Deal Of Life. That Deal Of Life requires us to engage in recurring trades of talent, energy and time for monetary and/or non-monetary benefit in every Life opportunity taken.

Money  & Its Human Value

In condensed note and coin forms; money represents value notations of talent, energy and time exchanges made in the past for purchasing power. Indeed, such trades may have been made during a time of earlier youthful vitality. Accordingly, money lost in destructive ventures has a higher human loss connotation than purchasing power itself. For the mature adult, that money loss cuts deeper. He/she cannot recapture the earlier youthful exchange at the same level of vital energy and time quantity again. Energy and time availability is less.
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