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A Man Called “The Architect”

Early 2000s

Extremely private, “The Architect” is the founder of WK Gahn. A europhile with penchant for art, photography and food; The Architect is a gentleman who enjoys among others, vacations in St. Anton, Tuscany and Nice.

Founding WK Gahn was The Architect’s emotional response to news reports of fraud, misleading conduct and incompetence in investing advice to lay Silver Haired investors across the globe. An award winning banking professional, The Architect had worked on both capital raising and capital investing sides of the investment bank industry prior to the founding of WK Gahn.

Late 1990s

The Architect starts to feature as Bloomberg panel interviewee for Asia Country Fixed Income after an early career with a European financial institution as correspondent Asia country credit analyst for both Netherlands and Singapore.

Early to Mid 1990s

The Architect leads a strategic planning team at a publicly listed company after a pioneering internship with a Big 4 global accounting practice. He decides to shorten an enjoyable term in strategic planning upon the onset of the Asian Crisis.