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Our Leadership
William is WK Gahn’s managing director. A Malaysian national with more than 20 years Asia field experience, he is versatile with the complete financial management skill set.William has had a record of high performance and no-loss investing advice to credit, fixed income and fund management committees of leading global and Asia country financial institutions. He has led, participated and voted in committee deliberations which involved transaction amounts of up to MYR16 billion per annum. His opinions have featured consistently on Bloomberg.Together with effectiveness in strategy and people, his skills had acted in combination, to result in successful leadership of award-winning and brand recognised Investment and Leveraged Finance teams of investment banks within Asia. More importantly, William’s close identification and empathy with the plight of exploited (non-professional) lay investors made him a resounding match to our private investing practice.
One More Thing…
A man-of-faith and creative, William is also, a former pianist who once aired on national radio at age 12; a graded martial artist, a travel enthusiast, a past featured Bloomberg speaker and currently, curator of the GahnLiveFree digital platforms (which include, and are not limited to the livefreeExchange (lfX)).