“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.” (Danny Kaye)

As far back as I can delve into the recesses of my mind, I recall always wanting to be an architect from the age of six. The opportunity in fact, presented itself with other offers to read medicine as well as, accounting and finance after I graduated from college. An emotionally painful choice, I settled finally on accounting and finance over architecture. Impressionable at nineteen, I was swayed by a parent concerned about my future as an architect amid a prevailing late 80s building slump in the country of my birth.

In that sense, the emotional void left by making a practical choice might have imprinted in me, a strong desire to seek out only jobs which fed my interest. All said, my life search has been one tempered by commercial considerations. Woe betide the artist who becomes a starving one in his pursuit; or worst, is fondly remembered only after death. All said, a successful architect has buildings as monument to her/his passion and sweat; but an accountant has no edifice to call to her/his name. Just a record of great scorekeeping.

Yet, time after time, many great women and men who came before, have defined careers not by their education. Instead, by skills they picked up on their life journey. To wit, men formally educated in medicine have held board positions in exchange listed corporations; absence of formal financial learning notwithstanding. Their financial skills may not be on par with a formally educated chartered accountant or a global investment banker; but curiosity, humility and passion to learn and grow had brought them lofty positions in the world of enterprise.

With an excellent coach, it is not beyond anyone to learn a skill from scratch. At the very least, every woman, man and child would do well to acquire minimum financial skills to make possible, the Great Escape from drudgery of trading long hours for salary. In my columns, I share not only trials and tribulations of my journey, but also critical on-the-job financial position experiences I took to help me break from the indentured activity of ladder-climbing. They may also be valuable financial skills you want to develop to help you gain financial freedom to live fully on earth, your Purpose.

Today, an architect I remain, though a financial one. My vocational proclivities distilled, I conclude I am by nature, a Creative, and have since arrived at a place of peace where all fits. I see myself as the financial architect of ambitions, dreams and hopes of others. An architect who enables the fleshing out of game-changing projects and enterprises. With canvas and palette of paint colours laid out before me since birth, I now embrace the Inner Me, and the Painting Of Life I can start to call my own.

Wouldn’t you like your life to be that painting you call your own? It all starts with financial freedom, and it is possible for anyone who seeks it with an earnest and sincere heart.

Stay with me on my journey. Share my passage of self-discovery towards living free.

- A.Lo (live.freeInversionista)