“We’re here to put a dent in the universe.” (Steve Jobs)

Perhaps, it was Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Remains Of The Day” which shaped my perceptions about commerce. As it was with the bourgeoisie being a hub of influence of society; I drew parallel perceptions in my early twenties about the microcosm of commerce.

I felt then, the hub of commerce was entrepreneurship. It is the centre which radiates influence throughout the entire system of commerce. Sold into calvinist work ethic -hook, line and sinker- the naive, walk about in undue peacock pride about their induction into the esteemed and rarefied class of service professionals. Accountants, architects, bankers, consultants, doctors, engineers and lawyers.

If like me, you come from modest beginnings; be thankful about your one leg-up the social ladder because of your professional class status. Be sensible enough to know though, that without proper stewardship; you could end indentured to a lifetime of servitude, and enrichment of others; to loss of time for loved ones and yourself. That cash-rich/time-poor conundrum is not what we want.

Against those thoughts, I resolved to move along the spoke of commerce and closer to the hub of entrepreneurship after completing my internship as a chartered accountant. My departure from the global Big 4 practice involved uneasy ruffling of parental pride. Pride for an adult child who had near effortlessly landed an accountant’s internship in tax consulting with a Big 4 even before graduation.

All said, we must step outside the flock if we are to fulfil our purpose. Even if others view us with prejudiced eyes as the singular stark black contrast among white sheep. Courage is all we need, my friend. Without action following courage, the unfortunate for most would be a life akin to mist at dawn. There at the start of day. Gone by noontime. Life without impact. Nary a dent on the universe.

Not content with mere scorekeeping nor financial cosmetic surgery; I embraced delightedly, blessings of a next gig in corporate strategy with an exchange-listed conglomerate.

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- A.Lo (live.freeInversionista)