The Accidental Ladder Owner – Column Four:

“We are here on earth to dance the flight of swans, and not the waddle of ducks.”

(Running A Good Race – A.Lo)

What is natural to one, may not be so to another. Each of us. Born with unique gifts of talent, energy and time. Gifts of varying accents and quantity. Self-awareness is our key to leaving a distinctive dent on the universe. Self-awareness, and purpose-driven action; culminating in contentment of release. Letting go and letting God (or as you see fit, the universe).

The last is hardest for most. The ego takes over, desiring to wholly lay personal claim on outcomes. To a limited extent, there is some truth to self-determination. The latter does influence outcomes. All said, every woman, man and child reaches a point where every conceivable action has been taken; and all which is left is taking that leap of faith. That leap is what separates women and men from the girls and boys.

In the distraction of daily living, we fall folly to the beguiling trap of social approval. Be it approval from family, friends or peers. In the process, we lose our true selves. The swans we were meant to be. So, it was in this spirit, I lauded a friend’s decision to leave the seemingly safe harbour of corporate employment to pursue personal interests during my recent hiatus from this page. My two cents’ worth of advice? Let personal interests be a beacon in your journey of change, but temper that with a few ounces of logic.

Sadly, many fail on the latter part. Logic. Yes, so caught up are we with the culture of passion which colours popular reading today; we lose sight of the Entrepreneur 101 need for demonstrated financial literacy before jumping into the venture boat to live.freeParadise. A folly as such would be akin to navigating blind in treacherous seas. Pre-empting this folly was my latent motivation in deciding on my next gig after my maiden one leg-up the corporate ladder.

While our road to entrepreneurship needs to be a decision in prudence; it cannot be one of caution paralysed by fear. To quote one wise Paulo Coelho, “The boat is safer anchored at the port; but that’s not the aim of boats.” Walk alongside me, my friend. On my Camino de Santiago.

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- A.Lo (live.freeInversionista)