“Epiphany” means, an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure (Merriam-Webster)

or, a smart-sounding word for realising you have been practically retarded for quite some time. So, the Urban Dictionary humorously puts it.

A close friend once asked me how we would arrive at the marvellous illuminating place of Epiphany. If I recall, my response was we do not seek it. Epiphany finds us, and usually after an extended period of contemplation and dedication. There are no “how-to”s on the journey to Epiphany.

Column Seven is not about my moment of illumination when God (or as you see fit, “the universe”) saw it timely to reveal to me, His purpose for me on earth. On the contrary, it is about my first journey steps (then unknown to me) towards epiphany or The Field Of Dreams.

Wanting to flee unscathed from the Asian Crisis onslaught and being economic casualty due to a vulnerable (though highly enjoyable) position in strategic planning; I quickly reviewed my education and training in “dollars and sense” and sought to reposition my career for an industry where I would experience no impedance to career upward mobility on count of gaps in technical qualification.

My career then had covered cost (accounting) and revenue (strategy) aspects of financial management. It lacked in the capital allocation and capital raising areas (investment and finance). Further, while working as field strategist with an exchange-listed conglomerate; I considered management decision risk on issues pertaining to technical science.

Leadership positions call for responsibility. I contemplated the extreme possibility of a plant manager coming to me to decide between technology alternatives for a new plant one day. While I was competent in science until pre-varsity, that limited competency would not help me decide optimally at executive management level for a manufacturer.

In contrast, I felt I would be able to leverage to the hilt, my financial education and training within the banking sector. Thus, I started my efforts towards seeking an internship in banking with places which would inculcate me with world best practice training. To global banks, and towards the Field Of Dreams I then scurried along with elation!

Follow me to find out the next steps of my journey. Share my passage of self-discovery towards living free.

- A.Lo (live.freeInversionista)