“… go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Live! No one can, and should tell us how. Our hearts will tell us if only we listen. When educated in the right tools for our journey to destination live.freeLiving, our minds (followed by select actions) will prepare us to capture opportunities which have been divined for us.

Heart, head and hands must work in synchrony for live.freeLiving to happen. Regrettably, our hearts’ desires are often sidelined amid chatter of well-meaning family and friends, popular culture, religion, and/or politics. The end effect may be an unwitting void felt from fulfilling dreams of others, to failing neglect of our own.

Upon completing internship requirements of a chartered accountant with a Big Four practice, I began listening to my heart rousings for a change. Discontented with letting slip, past heart choices in favour of practical ones; my ears started to peel themselves towards the heart’s siren call. Thus, I accepted in my mid 20s, an offer to get my feet wet in business in the CEO’s Office of an exchange listed conglomerate.

The strategy role fitted “hand and glove” with my personal objectives of real world exposure to business, live case studies for an MBA thesis and a minimum, one-and-a-half times pay hike above last drawn.

My term in strategic planning coincided with the tail-end of a stock market superbull run. Even so, it afforded fantastical on-the-job MBA exposure to mergers and acquisitions from Malaysia to Hong Kong, a pre-Listing appraisal of a manufacturer which went on to become a stock darling of JP Morgan, and tenant mix planning & execution for a lifestyle venture.

Alas, dark clouds started to form on our delightful strategy roles in the face of the Asian Crisis onslaught. It called for pre-emptive action. Pre-emptive action (guided by divine intervention) which saved me from shutdown of both CEO’s Office and its CEO caretaker.

Share this passage of self-discovery towards living free.

- A.Lo (live.freeInversionista)