“I get to do what I like to do every single day of the year. I tap dance to work, and when I get there, I think I’m supposed to lie on my back and paint the ceiling. It’s tremendous fun.” (Warren Buffett)

It is 0800, Monday morning. Assuming you are not living in an upscale central business district and Not, owner of the enterprise who lines cash in staff pockets for their showing up at work; you may bristle at Warren’s sanguine thoughts. Au contraire, you might even dislike it!

In dark contrast, you could be in rush hour, battling heavy traffic. Worse, wondering also, why you are doing what you do. Be it weak organisational culture or job mismatch which could be sapping your energy; it may be time for a change. Maybe timely also, to snap out of autopilot mode and dig deeper inside your psyche to ask yourself where your passions indeed lie. More so, if you are devoting up to sixteen hours daily at your occupation.

My career was a personal journey of following the yellow brick road of seeking out my passions within a defined framework of maximising value in the marketplace. That framework involved sniffing out potential gigs which would feed my passions and yet build a portable career under the guiding lights of employability and entrepreneurial exit.

Similar to Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, I merely followed the yellow brick road (of my passions), while not knowing fully well where my Emerald City exactly lay. After my first passion for visual communication, my second was for arithmetic. These were my interests which I took great delight in, and did not have to persevere at, to excel. As proficient as I was in accounting, it did not ignite my soul to sing arias about it.

Finance was my second turn-on after architecture. We all know our turn-ons, innately. It is a primal feeling which we cannot quench. Soon as I set foot at the global bank I was blessed to intern with; I buzzed about banking; especially, corporate banking. I was a late entrant to banking in my later 20s. Nonetheless, infused with good professional experience in strategy and accounting, and unflagging enthusiasm to boot; I made it my cause to know all about the business of banking.

There is no great enterprise built without bricks of passion. While entrepreneurship (for which, Smart Investing is a key skill) may pay ultimately; one element other than Cash and skills, which provides traction to enterprise success from infancy is passion. Passion, tempered by a few ounces of logic. Do not forget logic, though.

My journey for instance, began with abstracting my skill set as financial (capital, sales and cost) management. Observing 3 years were the minimum term required for a lateral move at salary premium, and 5 years of direct experience were the threshold for managerial posts; I crafted a plan to specialise in my favoured area of capital management in my later years and applied the early years towards gaining minimum 2 to 3 years exposure and credentials in strategy (markets/sales) and accounting (cost).

All said, as my wise father once shared, “Man may propose, and God” (or the universe as you prefer) “shall dispose as He sees fit.” My father has been right. Destiny and predetermination are a pairing which hardly goes out of style. That as it may, you can help accelerate the fulfilment of Destiny’s purpose for you. Be sensitive to your constructive passions and cultivate them. With spoonfuls of Smart Investing principles gleaned from this Page and mentored application; you may just get to your livefreePeak sooner than you think.

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Until next time,

- A.Lo (live.freeInversionista)