Ladder owner, owner-climber or climber? We are likely to fall into 1 of 3 social classes; depending on birth circumstance. Neither class is better than the other. It is from experience, both family and personal; that I say this.

A sixth generation Malaysian national, my forefathers first landed on the Straits Settlement of Penang from Mainland China. They plied the Indochina-Malaysia merchant route; and dominated trade with the British for three generations on the foundational strength of both British education and english language proficiency.

I am told, family wealth depleted over three generations due to living excess. In part, the many wives they had, and an opulent lifestyle led to the family’s downfall by the fourth generation. One tale sampling of familial opulence was that of my late grandfather having to himself as a young boy, the luxury of an angora goat drawn carriage to take him around Penang.

Sixth generation Malaysian; my life appears to be retracing, my familial historic path. A qualified chartered accountant with experiences in corporate & investment banking and business strategy, I seem to be walking in the shadows of my third generation forefathers who took bankers’ training with Chartered Bank, (i.e. the then precursor to Standard Chartered Bank) prior to rejoining the family business.

Curiously, my path has led me to stretch beyond, and into the entrepreneurial track of my first and second generation Malaysian forefathers. Until my live.free epiphany, I was on the well beaten professional path of ladder-climbing.

This is Me! My story. One which has straddled the 2 worlds of ladder-climbing and ladder-owning. Like Page to follow me on “The Accidental Ladder-Owner” on weekends. Likes, comments, &/or shares would give me a lift to continue. So, help me, dear friends. Even a tamagotchi needs to be “fed” . Happy weekend, all!