Think Freedom! | Creativity Unleashed : Without freedom, creativity lies dormant. In absence of creativity, adaptive functions are laid to waste. As a species, we cannot survive sans creativity. Let alone, be happy where freedom-inspired creativity cannot be present.

21st Century survival and freedom have economic nuance.

Before Money became common term for goods and services exchange, wars were fought for control of land and physical resources; with freedom, its prize.

Physical motives remain primary war escalators in the 21st Century. Such motives surface however, when financial administration and freedom are weak; and dominate peace or war decisions then.

In the most impoverished of nations. In the poorest among homes. When daily effort to survive leaves little room for creativity; war becomes tempting proposition in the bid for freedom. On minor scale, it is crime. On global stage, it becomes a world war.

Wealth is not a dirty word. Neither is Money. It is the love thereof. Every woman, man and child is called to stewardship of the talent, energy and time placed for disposal at birth. The exchanges made through life either culminate in wealth and financial freedom to let loose creativity and happiness, or they do not.

Remember, social levellers always want to make you feel poorly about Wealth. Do not ever feel guilty. We urge you to step forward instead, in reclaiming your inalienable right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (and creativity)”.