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Think Freedom! | Recuperative Power : Are you in a place of misfortune? Look to freedom as your restoration house. In freedom, you might find recuperative magic which should enable you to draw from misfortune, new hope and new strength.

So, 1 aspect of venerable Sir Winston Churchill’s counsel in a 16 Oct 1938 broadcast prescribed. It was a time perilous to civil liberties as the world cast into darkness of World War II.

In modern times, misfortune has a nature which is mostly, financial. Many are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty or middle income trap. The threats to liberties are no less in degree, though they are definitely not physical in tone.

Threats to civil liberties in nations of peace today are found in the loss of discernment for value amid the cacophony of media misguidance. Whether it is poverty or middle income trap; all enquiry must originate from the roots of freedom.

The cause of (financial) freedom draws new hope and new strength from misfortune – be it misfortune resting on the shoulders of an individual or the social collective. Freedom cuts through distractions and clarifies.

When fund solutions to poverty or the middle income trap are provoked by enquiry which starts from the place of financial freedom; one gains crystal clarity that donations per se, do not address poverty and cash alone is a weak store of value for the middle income classes.

Instead, the agenda of (financial) freedom would redirect priorities towards sustainable charities through donation seeding of social enterprise. Our middle income classes might now even favour selected cash-generating security stakes in exchange-traded enterprise over cash hoarding.

The life-transforming and recuperative powers of freedom. A wellspring of new hope and strength which draws from even the gloomiest places of misfortune. Hear it from a sage who managed his “black dog” of depression and hypomania to help win World War II. A sage who was named the Greatest Briton of all time in a 2002 poll.