Thru’ the Fiscal Lens | Freedom vs. Security

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. (Benjamin Franklin)

Venerable Benjamin Franklin’s thoughts on freedom and security as it applies to civil liberties; has similar application to financial freedom and financial security.

In our quest for financial freedom, we must venture further from our Cash mooring/anchorage. To most, Cash offers an illusion of security. More so, at times of financial crisis. Even market pros tuck under cover of Cash when they could bottom-fish discount assets during financial crises.

This is not a critique of Cash, but an awakening of our need to rewire our thoughts about Cash and how we could unwittingly distance ourselves from the opportunity of life at the (financial) Live-Free Peak.

However, we raise the caveat that the Freedom (/Investment) vs. Security (/Cash) tension we need to resolve is not a 100% cash or 100% investment decision. It is one of balance between cash and investment. The individual needs to decide in keeping with her/his experience and Live-Free education.

We repeat our point here in Food Conversations I that capital allocation must be made to All 3 wealth, income and (Cash/near-Cash) security plans. Even Warren Buffett always keeps some Cash for an Opportunity Day !

Keeping it simple, stay tuned for more Live-Free edutainment….